Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mojo at Play in the Conceptual Fields of the Dream

“It can be very difficult for any spiritual teacher to get through to students like this, to get them to stop holding on to their fixation on an absolute view. This is one of the dangers of awakening: the tendency to grasp at a lopsided view. We grasp at the absolute view of awakening, and we deny anything else. It is actually the ego that fixates on the absolute in this way, using it as an excuse for dismissing unenlightened behavior, thought patterns, and divided emotional states. As soon as we grasp at any view, we have gone blind to everything else.” (Adyashanti, 2004-12-01,End of Your World, The pp. 45-46 Sounds True. Kindle Edition).

“Unenlightened behavior”???? This guys a bit “fixated” on the “Spiritual Teacher” role. Very prescriptive. Do this, do that, not that, not this.This concept is "good" (concept) and that one "bad" (concept).

But then, every pointer… points back at “you”  (concept) so maybe he's doing a good job at "spiritual teacher."

Egocentrics need “To Do Lists.” I need to be quiet. I need to be honest. I need to meditate. I need to commit to spiritual practices. I need to be NOT separated. I need to not do harm. I need to stop holding onto my fixations. I need to stop “grasping.” I need to surrender “unenlightened behavior.” I need to be “enlightened.”

High Mojo don’t care none about egocentric “Rules of Enlightenment” (nor any rules, to be more precise). However, there is a thrill in playing with rules you know are meaningless. Such "play" (concept) has often been labeled "infinite" (concept).

High Mojo (concept) is A-okay with “unenlightened behavior.” High Mojo plays infinitely in the conceptual fields of the dream.

“Enlightened” is as much a concept as “father.” If you believe in the concept as “real” (another concept) then you’ll conform accordingly and expect the outcomes that are associated with whatever concept you’re jelling with. If I play out the role of father based on the concept of “father” (which is really the only way to play) then I will expect specific outcomes associated with following those conceptual rules. If I play out the role of “spiritual teacher,” or “enlightened” dude, then I will expect the outcome attached to that concept. I may never get the expected outcome, but I will continue to adhere to the rules nonetheless, because it’s the rules that are defining “I-me” based on what I want to happen.

If it doesn’t happen, then I will suffer accordingly and seek out concepts that explain the failure and that prescribe what more should be done to get the payout attached to the concept. Those additional concepts will then define me based on the expectations attached.

It’s actually pretty fookin’ simple when you look at it straight on. But then, egocentrics tend not to look too closely at their concepts. But then, that’s the nature of the concept of “egocentricity.” Attached is the concept of “ignorance” and not to look too closely. But then, that’s okay too!

Ever notice how all your concepts tend to jell together. Like, the concept of “child molester” doesn’t jive at all with concept of “spiritual seeker.” The concept of “father” doesn't sit well with the concept of “recluse.” The concept of "spiritual teacher" doesn't jell with the concept of "alcoholic."

When concepts clash, peeps commit "suicide" (final concept).

So like, I’m “divorced” (concept) and was attempting to play around with the concept of “dating.” However, associated with that concept is the concept of “relationship” and “love” and, obviously, attached to those concepts is the concept of “rules.” Problem is that once the concept of “rules” come into play…I want to cut my throat with a rusty butter knife (concept). Concepts achieve power through emotion, but “emotion” is a concept too.

Emotion is a concept associated with the body (concept) and, theretofore and ergo, the concept of "helplessness" comes into play. I have played with the concept of "helplessness" many times in my "life" (concept) and always, attached, is the concept of "hopelessness." I must admit that the concept of "hopelessness" has been more helpful to me than any concept I have yet to consider. But it does appear that most will avoid "hopelessness" with incredible strength and vigor and often immediately attach to concepts that have as their sole purpose the avoidance of the concept of "hopelessness." I find this "fascinating"! (concept)

When Mojo rises, Mojo looks and SEES it all as a "concept" (also a concept) and when Mojo SEES it all for what it is, guess what happens?


Not a damn thing….(Ha!)

And that’s how you know your Mojo’s risin’ (which, of course, is also a concept).

Artwork by Yosuke Ueno - "Beginning the great Adventure"


  1. Nice cinceptual post Mike .. <<(concept) lol. It seems that we live in a Universe were everything we say is a concept <<("concept" see wat I mean) and we can't escape them (there's no need to escape them anyway).

    Egocentrics need “To Do Lists.” I need to be quiet. I need to be honest. I need to meditate. I need to commit to spiritual practices. I need to be NOT separated. I need to not do harm. I need to stop holding onto my fixations. I need to stop “grasping.” I need to surrender “unenlightened behavior.” I need to be “enlightened."

    Loool ... People will flock to anyone who promises some kind of hope, peeps should give their doubt inside them a chance it mite save them some trouble.

    I'm realli beginning to have fun with concepts and preeti sure you do too Mike.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Yo Abe,

    Yep, I used to think playing the "guru game" was good for pickin' up chicks. But nah...doesn't work well for dirty white boys...

    Thanks bro!

  3. Loool haha! try being a Clean white boy.. . if that helps. If it don't work bro and don't wat will. OR you picked the wrong game dude.


  4. If a brain can get beyond the anxiety of the "hopeless" fear, a very strange thing occurs...the attachment to hope just kind of dissolves away. It's kind of cool, even with a setback or two. Like a cigarette after long years of abstinence, you sometimes want one real bad because of this or that situation, but you get over it pretty quickly because the attachment is gone.

    Adyashanti is just another rush of wind along the path in this savage garden we find ourselves planted in. The greatest value in these types of winds, is that once you see that it is simply a wind gust, you can walk away from it. Back in the day, I used to listen to this weird guy named Roy Masters on late night radio. He had a pretty good meditation technique, so I ordered his cassette tapes. I followed the technique and it was a pretty good one. Two things I learned while practicing the meditation: 1) Roy Master is an idiot and 2) if Roy Masters practiced his own technique, he would realize he was an idiot and shut up. I still hear him on the radio from time to time. He's still an idiot. It's very strange.

  5. Ah damn! Now I want a frookin' cigarette.