Monday, April 9, 2012

The Fook-it Koan (and gettin' Jiggy with the flow)

This kinda 'fuck it' is not defeated (which is why I like to change the spelling). It can't really be talked about either (at least to those who 'care'). But fook-it does not resist or reject, because it's expansive even when painfully contracted beyond all recognition. It's kinda like bawling your eyes out in despair, but the whole time you're, simultaneously, having a good belly laugh (well...kind of).

When you emancipate from the dream, you simply say "fook-it" and keep on dreamin.'

And now you can fook-it with an amusing elegance and deep-spirited pizzazz. You can finally ride the dream-wave and not care about some silly arse "metaphysical" origin or god-hoodie, non-dualistic-ey, rotting carcass of historically conceptual bull-poop.

None of that matters when you get all jiggy with how the dream flows.

"Therefore, send not to know
For whom the dream flows,
It flows for thee."

Fook it doesn't mean you don't care, cause "care" is a conceptual turd blossom of egocentric understanding and so, obviously at this point, you don't care, but just not like you don't care (make sense? not to worry, you'll be groking it soon enough). Just keep asking your self: "how can I 'care,' as if I don't care, but is still caring, even when it isn't and I don't, but really do?" Or "How can I be happy in my suffering, while still continuing to suffer over how happy I am?" (much easier). You can devise all kinds of Fook-It Koans and, believe me, they're loads of fun at parties. All your friends will laugh out loud, because they make absolutely no sense...

...except to you (and you laugh the loudest).

It's an amusing paradoxical conundrum of ineffable proportions, because the only purpose of a dream is to design a 'self' that fits it. A 'self' that conforms to the parameters of dreaming it has purpose and meaning. You believe the "world" taught you, while all along you taught the world what to teach.

Now I realize some of you are reading this thinking, "what kinda of vomitous drivel is this?" Although, others of you are unloading a good chuckle, in recollection of the very moment you emancipated from the dream with a silent, but deadly, "fook-it."

Nobody else would possibly understand what hit ya, after all those years of egocentric gritting and grinding over all that rock hard conceptual candy you've been crunchin' down on all those years from your "gurus" and "masters." It tastes good to egocentricity, but has yet to fill you up (tastes great, less filling!).

Then, one day outa the blue, and you don't even know from whence it came nor how it came up outa you, you just breathed a long deep sigh of relief, looked around and quietly exclaimed (to yourself) "wow... fook-it..." and nothing ever seemed the same again. It was done (and so were "you")

Of course, egocentricity did not like that one bit and you were certainly lectured for your impudence (still to this day!). But even with that, you respond with a fook-it, while weaing your sheit-eating grin. No, not a fuck it, but a fook it. A 'fuck it' just pisses "you" off and that only means you 'care,' which clearly negates fook-it, cause you couldn't care less, but now care more, while NOT giving a sheit at all, whatsoever.

But don't worry if you've not yet emancipated from the dream.

Fook that too!


  1. fook this post .. LOL !! haha