Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dreaming of Insanity

You are beginning to recognize that your rationale for living is wearing mighty thin. Your raison d’ etre, or reason for being, is no longer keeping your head above water. You, my friend, are drowning.


Nothing is as reliable as complete insanity. The  total break with reality. Hahaaa!

Eventually, you will learn that what you “do” has NO value. That your entire life has been of no value. Yet, note how your “self” demands value and fights vigorously against this as a viable choice. Because if its world has NO value…

… then neither does IT (Ooops!)

A dream can be whatever you want it to be, but NO part of it is valued, because you recognize it as ONLY a dream.

To be victim in a dream means you have failed to recognize it as ONLY a dream and, as a result, the dream controls you. Nevertheless, although you choose to be controlled by a dream, it is still ONLY a dream and you can choose to SEE it differently.

You will soon learn that you can do anything you choose. However, every choice asserts VALUE and what you value you will idolize as “real” and forget that it is all ONLY a dream.

In a dream, there is no right or wrong choice, simply because ALL of it is ONLY a dream. No choice is more or less important than another, because every choice is made IN a dream.

The only real choice to be made is to wake the fook up. No other choice matters. If you idolize certain choices IN the dream as “real,” then the dream controls you and you will feel as if you have no choice.

It's very simple....make every choice in a dream, prove to you it is ONLY a dream.

Choices can only become valued as necessary in a world interpreted as “real.” Your only option is to alter that interpretation.

You have tried to make perception fit your grand plans.

You've given great value to specific parts of what you perceive, while attempting to devalue other parts. You've tried to deny, ignore and even hide. You’ve applied progressively greater control to what you perceive, often through anger and attack. You’ve cried tears of despair and begged the "world" to give you what you need. You've prayed, meditated and raged. You've used chemicals to numb yourself to what you perceive and have sought to overhaul your constant suffering through idolizing pleasurable experiences. You've tried many things to make it all better.

Nevertheless, nothing has yet mitigated your dream of suffering. None of these measures have worked and, if they have provided any relief at all, only a brief time elapses before your misery again rises up to consume your mind. What more can you do? What other “choices” are left to you?

ALL of the options you have so far chosen demand your world be “real.” You have done many things to end your suffering in the dream, except realize it IS a dream and this is the only option left to you. I recommend you choose the only option that is guaranteed to work without fail.

When you know it is ONLY a dream, the dream no longer controls you. Yet, you must recognize it ALL as ONLY a dream. There can be NO doubt. No part of what is ONLY a dream can be of more or less importance than any other part. Otherwise, you will idolize specific parts as valuable and what is assessed as valuable becomes more “real” for you. This is the dream you now believe, and suffer accordingly, as “real.”

I simply recommend a means of escaping enslavement to what you believe “real.” You made war “real” because, in your dream, some parts are to be feared and hated. In your dream, some parts must be destroyed, else you believe they will destroy you. In your dream, you CAN be destroyed.

Accept it all as ONLY a dream and realize you are infinitely invulnerable.

Of course, your dream will not react positively to knowing it is ONLY a dream. But that's okay because it's ONLY a dream. Ha!

To fully understand and SEE this is to experience a JOY that is beyond anything you have experienced or could even imagine experiencing. It is a freedom that offers infinite peace and a love that will encompass every part of your mind. For in this VISION is the realization that ALL suffering has never been “real” and, in understanding this, suffering takes on new meaning.

Yet, there is still another world for you to see.

However, no “eyes” will show it to you because IT IS REAL. Words from the dream cannot describe its utter beauty and, hence, I cannot tell you what you will experience because there are no “dream words” that fit such a description. Although, your dreaming does not suffice to keep you much longer from this experience. Let's not deny that you want it more than anything else.

Because you REMEMBER, and have NOT forgotten, you are teaching your ‘self” again what you have always KNOWN.

It is only a breath away and waits patiently for you to accept its VISION.

But first, you must accept that it's ALL ONLY a dream.

Artwork by Suzzan Blac - "Tension"


  1. So profound, how did you even begin to think this way? I just wish I could just sit down and ask you a billion different questions now, even though I don't think you have the time or are even willing to do that... it would probably take a while considering how many questions I always have.

    are there any posts you have made in the past that you do not agree with now?

  2. Thank you!

    And probably all of my past posts I disagree with in part, or sometimes even in full, as the learning curve rises.

    Thanks again for the kind words...

  3. ACIM through and through. Now, if I would only accept it.

    Actually, I shouldn't short change 'myself'. Although I have been a student (albeit a poor one) for over 25 years, it is only this year that I have come across the concept of no free-will. Made a huge difference though, such as recently walking into two pharmacies and cancelling two different prescriptions for narcotics one afternoon even though I hadn't even been thinking of doing that. All I can say is that I was acutely aware that "I" was not driving this decision and I couldn't have stopped myself if I had wanted to.....

    Makes 'ya think.....

  4. Laurie,

    Spent yrs studying ACIM, so it clearly is in the neuro-circuits (albeit, competing with other pathways) and it is what essentially caused me to begin frying the motherboard (also outside my purview of control).

    It does appear, from what you state, that the 'frying' has begun in the realization that "you" are not in control.

    Good luck with that, cuz it get's crazy sometimes...Lol