Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2012: The End of Guilt and Punishment

Does the world seems to be spinning wildly out of control. Yet, how else will you learn you never had control if not through the experience of chaos?

All attempts to control the effects of delusion must fail, simply because effects can only be controlled at their cause and all delusion is a distortion of MIND. This is why your world continues to repeat the same effects, ad nauseam. As each individual mind refuses responsibility for what it "sees," what it sees must repeat because permission was granted simply by continued SEEING.

You believe what you see was there before you saw it. Yet, nothing is ever there UNTIL you look for it and you only look for what you expect to see.

Hence, your prayers are always answered, but by YOU. “Ask and ye shall receive” is YOUR truth, although you may NOT like what you give yourself. 

Guilt demands punishment and these are the building blocks of your suffering. If you SEE death and destruction then, make no mistake, you have asked and received in accordance with your wishes. It ALL belongs to you because NOTHING leaves your mind. All experience is of the mind and it can be true or deluded... but never both.

The egos existence is entirely contingent on GUILT and guilt ALWAYS demands punishment. The ego actualizes itself through seeking out the guilty for which to contrast AGAINST. Guilt divides you from your experience of a world by chopping up the wholeness of that experience into opposing parts and all opposition is entirely fueled by guilt. The ego cleaves the mind in two, demanding opposition between the parts. You hate the innocent for the guilt they make you feel, but love the guilty because through them your innocence is actualized. From day to day, moment to moment, such judgments are made "naturally" by the ego-self.

The dualism of your world is a product of guilt. Some parts are better, wiser, smarter, more courageous, more ignorant, more innocent, more guilty than others. In your mind, Hitler must oppose Mother Teresa, just as ugliness must oppose beauty. The ego seeks out differences for which to actualize itself in contrast. The darkness is guilty of hiding the light, while death is guilty of being lifeless. “Less” is guilty of not being “more” and “losing” is guilty of not “winning,” while “wrong” is guilty of not being “right.” This can change on a whim and sometimes less is more and losing is winning. It makes no difference to the egocentric. As long as opposition rules the mind, the ego is at home. As long as peace is absent, the ego is always present. As long as opposition severs the interconnected and interdependent wholeness of experience, all your separate and isolated experiences are underlined by the fear of guilt.

Governments, or the collusion of the egocentric, fuel your guilt as a means of greater control. Are you a Muslim or a Christian? A terrorist or a patriot? A socialist or a capitalist? The “enlightened” who see the unenlightened are as imprisoned as those they claim to save. Egocentricity must see a world of guilt and innocence and spend a "lifetime" sorting through those differences as a means of self-actualizing through contrast and comparison. The ego demands colliding particles and opposing forces. It cleaves and rips apart all experience of wholeness and claims parts of the world are at fault and must be punished for their guilt and so you alienate and estrange your ‘self’ from the indicted.

But what will become of "you" when ALL are guilty as charged?

It is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between guilt and innocence, causing you to experience a chaotic world spinning out of control. As the lines blur, the ego can no longer pit innocence against guilt and it must self-destruct because it NO longer has a purpose. But this requires a great deal of suffering, until the absurdity makes itself known, because the ego-self will fight to maintain its innocence by seeking out the guilty.

Someone must pay for your suffering.

Experience is a product of mind and nothing is apart from experience. To impose guilt upon your world is an indictment upon YOUR mind and you will not escape the punishment that all guilt requires. All defense of guilt supports egocentric suffering and, make no mistake, it’s NOT the world, but the HELL of your own mind that you seek to escape. There is NO world outside your mind.

There is NO “doom” scenario you need concern your ‘self’ with, because the ego will never willingly  disassociate itself from its NEED to suffer. The end of GUILT and PUNISHMENT will awaken you to the fact that you are not an ego-self, because only when you set them FREE in your own mind, will YOU experience FREEDOM for yourself.

Prepare now for the freedom of 2012, because the end of guilt and punishment will certainly change the world as you know it.

Artwork by Laurie Lipton - "Tete a Tete"


  1. you only look for what you expect to see.

    After many a year, I see this as a truism...a sacred heart-a-fact, one might say.

    2012 is quite the living myth right now. I believe it like I believe in enchanted mermaid kingdoms beneath the sea. I could be wrong, but it seems to me 2012 is quite every-day in this modern world of constant information and revelation. It's not in 2012, it is right this instant.

    Good post.


  2. How is it possiable to see the world through sex ? To think and feel with the lower parts ? To seek the guilt in another`s mind and punish them in their mind ?
    To read another`s thoughts & feelings rearrange ,distort their reality in the day and night ..Visiting thier mind , creating movies for other minds to see ...You may think these words are not true ...they are strange yet real...true ...Can you imagine ..possessed by someone close kin to you...
    better dealth would be...