Friday, June 25, 2010

Normalizing Insanity

paul Torres

The ego-self must try to negate the practicality of truth in order to prove it insane. You would never consider “driving a car,” “watching TV,” “paying bills” and “going to work” as insanity. In fact, you believe these activities are quite practical and necessary.

Make no mistake, your world has taught you what you require be learned and, in the ego’s need for insanity, this is what will be taught and considered extremely ‘practical.’

Truth is clearly insane to the mind that relies on insanity being normal and this is why you function in the world as if truth were absent. The ego fears that your functioning in the world would be impaired by the truth. You might just STOP everything and then, how would the ego know it exists if it weren’t functioning as it was taught to?

On the contrary, through acknowledging insanity, fear dissolves and functioning is enhanced. Don’t be afraid of insanity, because it’s NOT real and can have NO effect. However, you need to see it for what it is, otherwise, you will continue to believe you suffer from what cannot effect you.

The infinite player participates in the games of the world, knowing full well that they are absurd and this is why infinite players are not victimized by the rules. However, finite players believe the rules are very ‘practical’ and are careful NOT to deviate from insanity.

What you ‘do’ is of little concern to truth. Yet, the fact that it IS of concern to you must be evaluated. Is there ONE purpose behind all your actions and is that purpose consistent with every action you take? Or do you merely live through a confusing cacophony of contradictory and chaotic meanings and purposes?

If you allow the world to determine your purpose, then you adhere to many contradictory meanings, in which your purpose is inconsistent, chaotic and insane. Examine closely the actions you undertake on a daily basis. The tedious and mundane roles you perform every waking moment. Have you even considered what your purpose is? Or do you compulsively repeat what you were taught (and think you live an “authentic” life).

When an absence of fear is your only purpose, every function you fulfill will be miraculously transformed. Yet, such miraculous perception seems impossible to those who have learned fear and find insanity normal and have even come to find it quite comfortable. 

Yet, the ego’s capacity to learn is evident in how it has learned to normalize insanity and this is because you have taught yourself by demanding the world teach you. In denying the world this function, you fear that you are rejecting the world, which means the world will reject you. This is impossible because you fail to understand that rejection by the world is nothing more than a rejection of your ‘self.’

Infinite players reject nothing. Yet, paradoxically, neither do they accept. Any path that teaches one or the other leads nowhere but back to the start. If you start IN the world, you can only end up back where you started.

The first step is to fully realize that the world has nothing to teach. The world is a product of the ego and neither can teach you anything you need. However, there is a part of you influenced by neither an ego nor a world. That part sees the need for the right teacher. From that part, YOU will teach your SELF.

The world you SEE discourages you and, at times, even drives you to utter despair. You see it as cause of your suffering, but still require it to ease your pain. Yet, when the ego suddenly gets a glimpse of the real cause of despair, it seeks to prove it impossible by demanding continued despair in seeking relief from the perceived cause. This is how insanity is normalized. This is how intelligent people believe in war.

The world is cause of NOTHING. You gave meaning to the meaningless and you are First Cause of the ‘world’ you experience. God did NOT make your world. You did. It is your expectation to experience suffering that causes suffering and not the world. Your world has the power to cause nothing but what you give it power to cause and this includes your death.

Yet, that which is made to seem “real,” but is NOT true, exists only because you experience it “real” and then superimpose “truth” upon what’s NOT there. It has no other existence separate from what you wish. But be careful, your wishes run very deep indeed, and some you have no awareness of….yet.

Just look outside your head and SEE for yourself what you have wished for…

Artwork by Paul Torres - “Notrica 32nd Street Market”


  1. Yet another brilliant post, Mike. Don't know how you do it, but that's not important. Just keep doing it.
    That fellow in the pinkish shorts on the right side of the artwork looks a lot like Ramana Maharshi!

  2. Willie,

    "That fellow in the pinkish shorts on the right side of the artwork looks a lot like Ramana Maharshi!"

    Indeed! There is a resemblance.