Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Compromising with Bullshit

This is a follow-up from my March 4 post “Do You Resonate with Bullshit,” because “bullshit” is a fascinating spiritual concept (except to the spiritually inclined).

That’s because the ego-self (“you”) knows itself by “actualizing” through bullshit. Self-actualization is a process you participate in all the time. From moment to moment, the ego is constantly seeking for ways to engage the world in order to increase and magnify itself in contrast and comparison to its experience of a world.

This requires the ego make compromises in order to continue self-fabrication with what is obviously a fucking absurd world. When you fully examine your conventional beliefs, which serve to normalize the experience of an absurd world, you will no doubt recognize the abject meaningless of everything you do (unless, of course, you'd rather not).

Everybody has had, at one time or another, an experience that the world is not quite right (why else would you be looking for “truth” outside the world or somehow separate from what you currently experience as a 'world'?)

Yet, the reason this is so extremely difficult for an ego to contemplate, for any length of time, is because the ego compromises with insanity in order to know itself. Realizing your experience of a world’s is obviously absurd, is understanding that the ego is obviously absurd (“you” are obviously absurd), and really…

….who wants to admit that? Not me…Hahaa!

Who wants to admit with full acceptance that all the absurd things you do, like going to work, watching TV, talking on the phone, taking Viagra, doing laundry, getting a “suntan,” sitting in a “recliner,” blogging on the internet, masturbating, sending Christmas cards, “grocery shopping,” paying a “mortgage,” washing your car, meditating, getting a “paycheck,” disciplining your children, getting a college degree, going vegan, wearing pajamas, going on “vacation,” praying to God, painting your “living room,” eating potato chips, driving in “traffic,” etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, on and on, ad nauseam…who wants to admit it’s all bullshit?

Hence, it's imperative that the ego-self make compromises with insanity in order to normalize the bullshit. How else would it actualize if NOT through bullshit? How else would you know your ‘self’ if not through bullshit? What would become of “you” if one day you were to realize, with stark immediacy and full apprehension, that every fucking thing you do, have done and will do…is, has been and will always be…

…complete and utter bullshit?(oh wait..did you think some of it was 'meaningful'?)

And all the fanciful meanings you have distilled from what you were taught and thus, project upon the world in order to compromise with absurdity…. is still ludicrously absurd. Exclaiming "isn't life wonderful, weeeee..." or "God this shit sucks!" actually mean the same thing, just not to an ego intent on actualizing itself.

All those teachers of non-duality are completely wasting your time if you have yet to get to this point. All their concepts of luminous, non-conceptuality are as much bullshit as your investment portfolio and the size of your penis (or breasts). All their blathering is useless to you until you get to where it simply makes no difference, because there is NO reason for it.

Did I ever tell you the joke about the guy who had a non-dual experience on his yacht?
He drowned.

As I sit here in my paint-covered Speedo sandals and my ripped up sweats, with a crappy antique Dell laptop (that keeps shuttin’ down on me) and as I contemplate gettin’ up in the morning to go to work to get my paycheck, one thing comes to mind…

I doesn’t matter.

Does this mean you shouldn’t do all those things listed above? Of course not…

…don’t be ridiculous! 

Because the very act of “surrendering” the bullshit affirms that it is more than bullshit, which it's NOT, and never has been.

So go ahead, dive in.... because, when it doesn't matter…

…you can play infinitely!

Until then, bullshit is very serious indeed...

Artwork by DARK VOMIT - "Clown's Last Supper" 


  1. It's all bullshit, and it's cool that it's all bullshit. Bullshit can be fascinating!

  2. Ah...

    go to the head of the class, Mr Affif...

  3. Yo man, what happens if you go through your post and replace the word "bullshit" with "outrageously blissful full-on livin." You end up with da same message, but with a bit more funk. Not that you have to please anyone, but if I'm going to spend out our eternity wallowing in something I'd rather it at least be something that feels good. Ya think...?

  4. Crazy,

    I dunno...let's see...

    Because the very act of “surrendering” the "outrageously blissful full-on livin" affirms that it is more than "outrageously blissful full-on livin" which it's NOT, and never has been.

    Hmmm...sorry, but 'bullshit' is so much more 'spiritual' for me...helps me get centered and all...

    But, I suppose it's just a matter of taste..

    Thanks Bro!

  5. I see what you mean. It's just that, for me, "bullshit" implies we are being intentionally deceived, when in fact the only one deceiving us is ourselves. That said, if "bullshit" helps you get centered, why stop eh.

    Speaking of taste, if you ever happen to be travelling through Osaka let's go out for a drink....

  6. Thanks Crazy!

    ...and if I'm ever on that side of the world, I'll be sure to look you up.