Monday, October 20, 2014

The Arousal Addiction of Human Egocentrica Mammalia

The post-modern human egocentrica mammalian is steadily drowning in his need for constant arousal, an addiction that intensifies with each passing year, requiring ever greater levels of mindless consumption.

The growing magnitude of this arousal can only result in the consumption of, not only external resources, but the very neuro-circuits that give psychological reality to all his fictional, made-up, conjured out of thin air, “lifestyles,” since he is clearly devolving into varied and numerous states of mental illness, that are the obvious result of his fictions. The tangled subconscious neuro-circuitry, tightly packed between his ears, simply cannot handle his delusional ideas of reality and are rebelling en masse.

Essentially, he is gradually being neurologically sucked up into his own maladaptive mind games, and self-actualizing fantasies, to a 'tipping point,' resulting in mass confusion over his chronically contradictory and competing “value systems,’ in which he can only experience a neuro-circuit overload, or advanced forms of neuro-chemically based mental disorders. A hunter-gatherer brain, which we still have, cannot comfortably accommodate daily sado-masochistic anal sex fantasies, without experiencing...symptoms.

As opposed to his ancestors, post-modern egocentrica mammalia is afflicted with the potential for chronic “boredom,” which must be avoided at all costs, for if egocentrica mammalia were to remain mired in his self-actualizing boredom for any length of time, he would eventually come face to face with the abject pointlessness of his daily existence and all the banal, insipid everyday actions he feels compelled to perform to deny his pointlessness.

Hence, because of centuries of boredom avoidance, he has gradually developed an arousal addiction, which needs ever greater magnitudes of meaningless distraction to escape the awareness of the empty nihilism of his emptiness. 

Yet, he cannot, regardless of his attempts, through pointless ideologies and systems of belief, escape the emptiness of his hard-wired subconscious (although he continually claims he has free-will), which, regardless of his chronic daily use of synthetic medications, results in major depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc., etc, etc., which all point to a mind-numbing existential anxiety that resists all his attempts to alleviate, and only works to magnify his complete lack of free-will. What possible free-will can exist in socially induced mental illness?

There was a time when human egocentrica used his big fat frontal lobe to question his existence, as opposed to the trivial uses he engages today to maintain and continually stimulate the dopamine receptors (motivation), requiring ever greater levels of motivating stimulation to avoid meaninglessness, yet, which his daily behaviors can only serve to support and reinforce.
If the day to day behaviors your society deems normal, only induce chronic depression, then you have no other alternative than to ingest the “medications” necessary to continue to plod along with that social order.
There was a time when egocentrica mammalians studied philosophy, ethics and morality and these subjects were the chief preoccupation of any “higher education.” Great thinkers were lauded as exceptional and admired for the products their grey matter produced. Now they are simply ignored or marginalized as useless studies, substituted by the endless cornucopia of entertaining drivel that mesmerizes egocentrica mammalia and holds him in a willing suspension of disbelief over the fact that his existence is totally pointless.

Post-modern human egocentrica mammalia lives in a time when thinking deeply about his existence actually impairs his ability to comfortably exist and, except for a select few, human egocentrica mammalians are virtually compelled to seek ever greater levels of entertaining novelty, which they receive through their sexual paraphilias, internet porn, object fetishism, celebrity worship, insipid entertainment, etc., and the seemingly infinite ways they attend to their own self-adoring actualization, fully employing “mirror neurons” which allows them to replicate themselves through others, thereby, sucking dry any degree of personal authenticity that they might achieve, if they had any motivation to do so, except the dopamine receptors are literally exhausted by the mindless cacophony of their daily existence.

Their actions are the same, their words are the same and the thoughts that their brains produce consistently result in behaviors that mirror the actions of a shallow collective, but they adamantly proclaim that they are ‘free.’ From cave paintings demonstrating the magic of discovery, they now employ smart phones as a means of magnifying and reinforcing their blatant mass stupidity.

Their fear of boredom is completely warranted however, since truly becoming oriented to the arid and banal state of their empty existence would no doubt be death defying, and for human egocentrica mammalia, death demands every means of denial at his disposal.

From birth, the absurd socialization of human egocentrica mammalia, to fictional renditions of daily living, provides the experience of death long before the actual event overtakes him, regardless of his attempts to ‘conceptualize’ the conditioned experience as actually “living.”

His self-actualizing goals demand consistent mind-numbing preparation, planning and organization, since every goal, by its nature, must deny the fact that the hand of the universe is up his ass, moving his lips and directing his head to and fro. Yet he believes, with all his metaphoric heart, that he’s a volitional, free-willed, master of him ‘self’ and has control over his dominion, or brain, which is where he exists and nowhere else.

Nevertheless, his extermination seems entirely assured, as he has entirely lost the capacity to ‘be’ (an aspect of existence clearly evidenced everywhere else in the universe, that allowed him to exist in the first place) substituted by an enduring chronic desire to be ‘something,’ as a means of perpetually denying the concrete fact that he is not separate from a natural causal order that has historically demonstrated indifference to all the ‘somethings’  he wants to ‘be’ and couldn’t give a rat’s arse about his career aspirations or his mind consuming goals for an early “retirement.”

Yet, ironically, and paradoxically, it does appear that the actual purpose of his existence, as clearly ordained by a predetermined causal order, that has facilitated the unfolding of a manifest universe, is to rebel against his actual nothingness by creating fictional somethingness to avoid the truth of his nothingness.

Now why the fook would the causal order predetermine human egocntrica mammalia to ‘think’ it was separate and completely free from the dictates of an unfolding causal order that nothing else in the manifest natural world even slightly considers itself separate from?

And why is it that the only way human egoncetrica mammalia can actually experience total freedom is by allowing itself to experience complete containment and incarceration by that predetermined causal order?

Fook if I know….

Artwork by Cristiano Siqueira

Friday, October 3, 2014

The End of the Free-Will Paradigm

In your formative years “you” were hastily indoctrinated into a “free-will" paradigm of "personal responsibility," and your ego-centered, cranial-based existence (all experience occurs in the brain) is now virtually suffocating in an ocean of 'choices,' made and to be made (but you continue to proclaim you are "free"). As you advanced in age, so did the oppressive burden of making "right" choices, in order to finally experience "happiness," even though a great many of your choices have only induced suffering and this demands an ever greater attentiveness to making the 'right' choices.

Free-will magically grants you "personal responsibility” and dumps a heaping sheit-load of guilt on "you" for choices made in the past that turned out to be miserably "wrong" in the future and, as a result, you live in a chronic state of anxious contraction about the choices you must make as a means of sculpting your precious future because, as you righteously proclaim, this is "my life" (as if you were completely unfettered and non-originated from the predetermined causal order of space and time). You had absolutely no choice in your birth, nor will you have a choice in your death, so why the fook would it matter what you choose in-between? Does the universe care about your self-esteem or career choices?

Such are the results of the "free-will" paradigm. A paradigm that is patently false (and can easily be observed as such through a  basic analysis of the variables that have determined your current life trajectory). Nevertheless, 99 and 44/100 percent of human egocentrica mammalians wholeheartedly endorse free-will, without question and without doubt, and conduct their every waking moment on free-will being undeniably true, resulting in a pandemic of depressed zombies, chronically rejecting what is as is and, year after year, slogging through mind-numbing routines of abject pointlessness, which they have no choice in, but believing that things should be different than they are, which they cannot possibly be else they would be, they suffer as they inevitably must.

They live woefully miserable lives in constant rejection of the variables currently representing their own personal “life.” They are consistently gritting and grinding over “personal responsibility” and go though numerous years of "education" to painstakingly develop the skills of making ‘right choices,’ which, subsequently, and regardless of their esteemed education, they consistently fail to make anyway, over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

This results in 'neurological exhaustion,' requiring constant, moment to moment, distraction in finding ways to avoid their own fooking minds (which the spiritual-entertainment industry makes billions on) and the thoughts that arise, denying that they have NO "personal responsibility" for those thoughts (thoughts that are clearly victim to a free-will paradigm of 'personal selection regardless of social conditioning and outside influence) and they do ALL of this because they have no choice.

Yet, what if, from birth, you were indoctrinated into a paradigm absent free-will and contingent on a predetermined universe in which nothing was separate from an infinite unfolding causal order and that every choice made had to be made exactly as it was made or it would NOT have ever been made at all?

How would "you" conduct your life if you knew it was predetermined to unfold exactly as it did and does? Would it matter what you do, if what you did had to be done exactly as you did it, in each and every moment, or it would not have been done? What type of 'self' would exist absent free-will? Could a "self" absent free-will even exist? What would that 'self' be like? How would you think, and react to your thoughts, if you knew you were not responsible for any of them? Would you sit around moaning that, since "I'm not a 'self' that makes choices free of influence, I'm NOT gonna do a fooking thing at all"? Or would knowing that you are not separate from an infinitely unfolding predetermined causal order result in your deeply engaging whatever unfolded before your eyes and completely without fear? Would the concepts of "right" or "wrong," "good" or "bad" totally cease to exist in human discourse?

What if we raised children to believe the fact that they had NO personal responsibility for what arose between their ears, since 86 billion neurons, and billions of miles of dendritic connections, fueled by chemical processes in trillions of synapses, are obviously outside their capacity to control? How would we 'choose' to teach them if they had no 'personal responsibility' for their actions?

There are a few who currently live under such auspices. They have no anxiety regarding the future and no guilt of the past. They tend to exist in a state of "surprise" over what unfolds before them and the individual ‘choices’ made based on that unfolding (which is, of course, part of that predetermined causal order).

They have not developed tendencies to reject reality, as that which is not wanted, while another reality would be more suitable to their tastes. Momentarily, they may not like what has unfolded but, nevertheless, they accept the emergent variables as inevitable and adapt accordingly.

They see very clearly that they are not separate from the whole timeless tapestry of a predetermined causal order, and every choice made being part of that timeless unfolding, and in that understanding they experience absolute freedom.

As a result, they tend to play infinitely in a finite world....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Human Egocentrica Mammalia: Destroyer of Worlds

The post-modern social fictions of the collective egocentrica mammalian ‘self’ are pathetic momentary wisps of smoke, quickly dissolving into insignificant anonymity, which demands human egocentrica consistently twist and bend his own fictions to validate his importance.

Validation is necessary due to the undeniable awareness of his abject insignificance. Awareness right down to the sinew of his bones, chronically informing him that his words don’t matter, his actions change nothing, his thoughts are useless to divert his eventual death and a causal order at work in the entirety of the universe (including an indifferent natural world) could easily smash him to smithereens in an instant without the slightest logical reason or rationale.

Alas, enter the ‘prefrontal cortex,’ with trillions of historically ‘significant stories,’ neurally hard-wired through childhood social programming, serving no other purpose but to provide an individual sense of grandiose self-importance.

Based on the predetermined causal order, that clearly holds nothing sacred, human egocentrica mammalia has little choice but to desperately press himself against that unfolding order. A reality that could care less for his complaints when his fictional "lifestyles" eventually FAIL (as they always must) to actualize him into some tiny semblance of magnanimous significance. This desperation is so psycho-emotionally profound that egocentrica mammalia will employ acts of destruction and death to insure and reinforce his individual, independent significance.
“The sense of insignificance and death anxiety have been shown to play a key role in everything from terrorism to mass shootings to extremist religious and political ideologies to obsessions with materialism and wealth. Just about all that is violent and corrupt in our world seems connected to it.” LINK
It is egocentrica mammalia’s blatant insignificance, deeply hard-wired in his primitive limbic system, that drives him to wipe out entire populations (populations similarly existing within fictional boundaries, participating in fictional activities) as a means of asserting his own fictional significance, and this has gone on since an individual ‘self’ electro-chemically crackled to life in some nebulous circuit in the 3 lbs of fat between his ears and, will obviously continue until his pursuit of significance eventually overrides all his circuits and he gets sucked up and consumed by his own electro-chemical brain matter, with billions of neurons overloaded by his incessant need to escape the undeniable fact of his own pathetic lack of significance to the universal causal order.

The genetic nature of human egocentricity is based on one specific variable, not available anywhere else in the predetermined causal order of manifest existence, and that variable is… the capacity to ask ”why.”

Nowhere else in the universe is “why” even slightly entertained. Everything is as it must be, and has always been, based on a predetermined natural order that has been expanding and unfolding since time began. But the delusional hubris of egocentrica mammalia actually proclaims an answer and that answer is a product of ego-centered delusion, based on the all-encompassing fear of his abject insignificance, resulting in a mental labyrinth of lies, fantasies, delusions, fabrications, mythologies and distorted beliefs.

Everything egocentrica does, he does to raise himself from the depths of his own microscopic insignificance within the grandeur of the universe, made vigorously apparent by the knowledge of his own eventual death.

Egocentrica mammalia pins his entire existence on the vagaries of “why” and constructs complex fictional realities to provide answers as to “why” he exists and what the purpose is to that existence.
Fictional stories give purpose to the purposeless. Yet, it is a desert mirage and the closer you get the more it dissolves into thin air.

Hence, egocentrica has constructed fictional societies to mask his insignificance through vapid goals, mundane and morbid distractions and futile aspirations and there are very few who will get close enough to see the emptiness that is actually apparent in all of it. 

“You” are absolutely of no significance to an indifferent predetermined causal order and that indoctrinated recognition only compels you to engage mythological fictions, absurd ideologies and blatantly ignorant belief systems to somehow deny the truth of your worthlessness to the predetermined causal order that allows you to exist at all and granted you the capacity to mentally construct your ‘self-ness’ as a means of engaging in fictional pursuits to fabricate fleeting experiences of significance.

But, of course, with a wave of his hand, death scatters all your significance into nothing, like a sand painting on a blustery day.
“The Grim Reaper has his hand up all our butts. He’s puppetting all of us because everything that we do, every project we undertake, child we have, building we build is because we know we are going to die. It’s the main driving force of our lives. If we ignore our death, we end up just going around completely oblivious to why we do the things we do!” Read more: Caitlin Doughty: Mortician + Death Activist | Rising Stars | OZY

 Artwork by Metalpiss

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The “Hero’s Journey” Follows a Neural Pathway

With some 86 billion neurons wired up to a trillion miles of dendritic connections, fueled by seemingly infinite synaptic electro-chemical interactions, there is a virtual universe between your ears and just as galaxies have no free-will to determine their fate, “you” are no different.
So tell me where, in all that…are “you” accountable? Which Neural pathways are “you” responsible for maintaining?
The journey of a thousand miles does not start with the first step, but with the first firing neuron, genetically formatted and bathed in varying amounts of motivation inducing dopamine, telling you when and where to go. The "Hero’s Journey" is a centuries old glorification of a free-willed egocentric mammalian ‘self,’ cloaked in the illusion of choice that, apparently, exists nowhere else in the predetermined natural order.
There is nothing you need do to be free. You are truly and undeniably free. Just allow the neural network to take you where it will (which will happen, whether you allow it or not)
Your “spiritual journey’ is housed entirely in your skull and there is no leaving those predetermined neural pathways. The paths you follow, wired up in your grey matter, were predetermined for you long before you were born (genetically and socio-culturally) and you have no choice but to go where they take you as they define and determine who you are and what you desire.

Nevertheless, your goal has always been not to follow your neuro-circuitry (cause the sheit in your head just constantly pisses you off!), but to seek out and follow someone else’s neural pathways, some “master teacher,” in the hopes of achieving the brain state that they vigorously claim as “awakening.”

For over half a century I have studied the products of other neurally predetermined “enlightened masters,” only to eventually jettison each and every one of those teachings as pure drivel (examples of that exist throughout this blog). Yet, in retrospect, it was necessary for me to encounter and burn through each and every “spiritual” ideology I engaged, since this is how the motherboard is fried. Yet, I had no idea I was doing this and had no conscious intention thereby. I longed for the one ideology that would save my sorry arse.

Escaping the path is part of the path and your chronically historical attempts to find the "right path" is all predetermined by the path you are now on. 

Thoughts have become particularly useless to me these days (as demonstrated by the diminishing posts appearing here). Regardless, thoughts arise as they always do, internally (pre-programmed neuro-cicuits) and externally (sensation) influenced, the only difference being, at this point in my “journey” I have experienced the complete abrogation of free-will (volitional choice and agency) and, hence, have become quite comfy cozy with whatever pops up in the gelatinous fat between my ears.

I really don’t give a fook about the thoughts in my head. “You,” on the other hand,  care deeply about what you ‘think,’ so much so that you actually avoid thinking, because of the chronically dumb sheit that incessantly arises in your cranium, or you seek out and diligently learn new strategic ways of ‘thinking’ to improve the "quality" of your life, in a rebellion against the very neuro-circuitry that determines the quality of your life and the motivational dopamine that bathes those circuits, to keep ‘em lit up like a Christmas tree.

I have absolutely no interest in being anyone’s “teacher” since, clearly, you will learn what you’re supposed to learn whether you want it or not (it's all predetermined). My interest is more about engaging with those who have suddenly realized that they are frying their motherboard, which has similarities in relation to stages, but completely dissimilar in how and when those stages are encountered. In that realization, the burn intensifies, because you’re not wired to want or expect it.

Before there was only fear that you were some sort of mental mutant, because you just couldn’t engage the social fictions with the rest of the socially programmed Egocentrica mammalians. But now, hopefully, you've come to a point where you enjoy the burn (if not, don't worry, you will)

You have been straying from the herd for decades and have no idea why and it bugs the sheit outa you. You’re disengaged, discombobulated, disenchanted and psycho-emotionally distorted, but only in relation to your egocentric brethren, who seem to exhibit excellent adherence to programming (but deep within the circuitry, they're beginning to fry too!). They don’t understand you and you are getting to the point where you don’t have a fooking clue as to what motivates them to engage in the fictional/mythical bullsheit they find so utterly fascinating. Feel free to disembark from the herd, if the spirit moves you, otherwise, your attempts to graze with the chomping cud eating cattle will eventually drive you bat sheit crazy (but, that may be necessary, if so prescribed by the causal order).

Your brain is hard-wired to accommodate fictional realities which, thereby, demand behavioral conformity. Every socially enchanted rule and law has a corresponding neural pathway because, if it was not hard-wired in your cranium, you wouldn't know what the fook to do. 

But as the ‘frying’ proceeds you may find that you no longer care what to do and let the ‘doing’ unfold however it may, because you have no “choice” anyway, so why sweat the big stuff?

Artwork by Zoran Nova

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Removal of Free-will Coloured Spectacles

As opposed to the mythical memes passed down through a hundred generations and, thus, being accepted as truth, your actual “awakening” entails a grieving process and not some enchanted garden of bliss bunny bullshit.
Of course, you've never had free-will, but you have yet to realize this as a fact that informs all other thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In the meantime, you continue to conduct your life within an illusion of control as if you had something to do with anything that happens externally or internally in your personal world.
Denial: 90% of egocentrica mammalian’s live in complete denial.

They cannot grieve the loss of free-will, because they believe all their choices come from autonomous intentions of a deliberating volitional “self.” They continue to function as if they made choices entirely contingent on their own free-agency and continue to experience the anxiety, depression, anger and guilt that living this illusion demands. They feel pride in accomplishments and disappointment in failure, as if they actually made choices free of all influence.

Yet, there are some that claim “I may not have a choice in what happens to me, but I can choose how to respond,” completely ignorant of the fact that they did not make themselves, had absolutely no involvement in the construction of the brain circuitry that informs them exactly how to respond and are genetically hard-wired to perceive reality exactly as they do, with no possible alterations to that perception.
“It is true nonetheless that our idea of free will, vague, amorphous and ultimately incoherent as it may be, is still so much a part of our culture that most of us see everything around us through (as it were) free-will-coloured spectacles. We think we discern the workings of free will in our world, just as religious people think they discern the workings of God. And this vision is self-validating and self-perpetuating, because the more we see the world in this way the more reason we think we have to believe that it really is this way. And we aren’t going to take off the spectacles because we don’t know we’re wearing them.” Oerton, Richard (2012-10-02). The Nonsense of Free Will: Facing up to a false belief (p. 108). Matador. Kindle Edition.
At no point will they ask themselves, “After years of having my every move directed by genetic disposition, parental structuring and socio-cultural influence (the very things that made me precisely what I am now) at what point did all that miraculously dissolve to spontaneously grant “me” the opportunity to make choices completely free of all influence? Exactly when did my ‘will’ become free of all influence?”

The answer is obvious….

ANGER: 5% of current egocentric population is at this stage. A defense mechanism that blocks truth and clouds the mind. I have witnessed it in the comment section on this blog in which the evidence against free-will and for a predetermined causal order, absent all free-will, is so monumentally apparent that it generates fear and with fear is the only catalyst for attack. Upon the first recognition of your utter helplessness to be free and separate of a predetermined causal order, you desperately intensify your efforts to prove that it can be done and you will seek to prove this no matter how often you fail.

BARGAINING: 2% are here. Some seek desperately to extricate themselves from determinism with the claim (more like wishful thinking) of at least a little bit of free-will. The “compatibilists” hold that free-will is essentially a part of determinism (which is absurd) and many, like Daniel Dennett, contend that even though we are 99 percent determined, there is still that tiny 0.999% that we control. When that 0.999% is available to us and where it can be found in the genetically predetermined and socio-culturally pre-formatted ‘personality’ is not apparent but, as many bright minds seem to claim, one day science will locate the capacity for free-will, even though science (specifically, neuroscience) is rapidly progressing in the reverse.

Egocentrica mammalia believes he has sculpted his life based entirely on his freedom of choice, denying that a causal order, that has shaped the universe and continues to do so, shaped him, and any power he might engage to resist this fact, was predetermined long before he even existed (your denying the absence of free-will is hard-wired and this is most likely a genetic predisposition favoring survival fitness). He simply cannot accept that who and what he is was shaped long before he even existed as a manifest organism.

He seeks to break free of genetics, evolution, parental injunctions, socio-cultural influences of the time period he was manifest and the childhood conditioning that he had no choice in experiencing in his formative years, because it was thrust upon him beyond his will, thereby, shaping exactly what he would will in the future.

DEPRESSION: 2% are at this stage and, like denial,  many remain here never to leave. On the path to awakening, depression is the longest and most experientially barren stage. Some take their own lives, many disappear from society never to be seen again and others simply remain at this stage until their death, never realizing the expansive freedom of surrender, they remain inured in limitation and contraction and continue their lamentations that IT NOT BE SO.

In this stage there is usually an intellectual acceptance of the absence of free-will, without the accompanied experience, in a fluctuating self-replicating feedback loop of attempted acceptance and back to non-acceptance.

You may be here for a very long time....

....spiraling down numerous rabbit holes of abject meaninglessness and absurdity, grasping for some sense of what is true and real, only to be nauseatingly disappointed time and time again. You will rigorously prevail in grasping tightly to various contrivances of your fictional social order, only to eventually recognize your pretending can fool others, but keeps you despondent and disengaged.

Decades pass, as many seek solace of “spiritual” ideologies, paradigms and practices, like Buddhism, Zen, non-duality, and other esoteric intellectual distractions, only to be smacked square in the face by the undeniable reason for soothing social constructs that have no purpose but to keep you skipping merrily along by constructing ever more useless neuro-circuitry in 3 lbs of fatty tissue immersed in perpetual darkness.

But you do all this because it is the only purpose of your existence.

ACCEPTANCE: Only a mere 0.5% of egocentric mammalian’s are at this stage. This stage can be considered an “awakening,” because there is no longer a return to the other stages and only accommodating to the fact that every choice ever made had to be made exactly as it was made and could not have been made any differently than it was in the exact moment it was made.
The immediate experience of a causally predetermined existence, contingent on a quadrillion experiences that preceded and absent all free-will, quickly shuts down the circuits useless in supporting this powerful experience.
This ‘short-circuiting’ of other less useful pathways can be a gradual process, although many circuits diminish immediately, particularly socio-culturally conditioned pathways, i.e., self-esteem, status, career, materialistic pursuits or object accumulation, many judgment circuits and other “insecurities’ wired up on the grey matter simply lose electro-chemical current, which can only result in a brain-based sense of freedom (just consider the exhilaration of being free of even just 50% of the the thoughts that arise in that gelatinous blob between your ears. It is literally unimaginable!).

The acceptance stage clearly engenders the chief and most prominent variable of all spirtuo-religious ideologies…surrender. You are, and have been, in charge of nothing and any control you impose upon your reality, you were destined to impose long before you were even born.

Every thought that ever arose in the brain of your mother, and her mother and her mother before her, had to arise exactly as it did, and exactly when it did (time/space continuum) for you to be manifest as a thinking organism and engage the thoughts that you must to allow future generations to manifest as they must, thinking the thoughts that only they must.

When this is truly encountered, as a brain experience and not just the usual firing of contemplative circuitry lighting up frontal lobe sections for years, but amounting to nothing but additional circuitry, there comes a swift and gradual frying of the motherboard.

Yet, this is only an essay in conjecture, the experience defies explanation other than to say that it is completely outside your power to make it happen in any way.

When it comes to “awakening” or “enlightenment,” this is the only fact that need be engaged. But only if your particularly unique neural wiring takes you there and there are only a handful that are heading precisely in that direction and…

…they have not the slightest clue they’re going there.

But they will one day surrender their “free-will coloured spectacles” and perceive a world never before seen.

Artwork by Suliman Almawash